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Seven Rows

…That’s what I did today. Since I wasn’t able to get somebody to work today, I took my body (not buddy) and the back sprayer to the vineyard. If there’s one job I really dislike in this world of winemaking it’s spraying. But, it has to be done. I use organic material, made of Australian tea tree. The back sprayer holds 15 litters, which equals 15 kg. after one hour on my back it feels like 30kg. After two hours it feels like 60kg. (and now: “how old is grandmother? – that’s the kind of question my girls have to answers in their math homework…)

Seven rows… Zero efficiency. But hi, good wine doesn’t necessary go along with efficiency…  Agriculture is about timing.  And I’m late already… As I walk along the rows my thoughts wonder elsewhere. Vaccination. That’s what I’m doing here. So I went back in time to that episode when it was my turn to take one of the little girls to the nurse to get a shot of something. As the needle penetrated her skin I was sure the nurse missed, and actually “hit” me. So real was my pain…

Seven rows… These are Grenache vines, and they are responsible for the Rosé. To be more precise: one third of the Rosé. The other parts are made of Cinsault and Couniose. And I need to find time, really soon to bottle the second Rosé. Yes, there’s another one. No name yet. It’s SR. that’s for Serious Rosé. It has an additional 20% Morvedre, which makes it  “wild”, perhaps a bit less friendly…

Seven rows… the old man and the Grenache. Hope it doesn’t end like the old man and the sea…

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